Passover, the time to give up processed foods


As Passover approaches there begins the frantic rush in many peoples homes to stock up their pantry full of kosher for Passover items. Imitation pasta made from potato starch and eggs, chocolate cakes made from matzo meal and mustard that contains no actual mustard. Yes, it’s all pretty gross if you ask me and completely uncalled for. After all, it’s spring and it’s a great time of year to enjoy natures bounty to the fullest.

When people ask me what specific Passover product I recommend, I tell that I don’t really use any specific products for Passover except for a few ground spices, apple cider vinegar and grape seed oil. All of the other pantry items a chef would need are fine without any special hechsher. Salt, sugar, raw honey, wine, fruit juice and raw nuts are all I really need besides for an abundance of fresh produce and proteins.

Since I was going to be catering a large seder in Palo Alto anyway, I decided to put out a Passover Catering Menu. I figured it a high time for the folks who keep kosher in the Bay Area to actually enjoy Passover how I think it was meant to be enjoyed. The realization that many of my current menu options are Passover friendly came to me a couple weeks ago. I had just finished preparing this salad of Roasted cauliflower with toasted hazelnuts, parsley and pomegranate seeds when I realized that this would be an awesome pesach salad. I mean, how rad would it be to get something like this at the seder instead of the same old beet or cucumber salad?

That got me thinking about other items that could easily be made for the seder and walla, the Passover catering menu was born.

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