Broccoli without the bugs


One of the biggest labor issues with kosher catering is dealing with bugs, this is even a bigger issue for Epic Bites because the business is built on scratch cooking from highly localized sources. Unfortunately, some items are just too hard to check for bugs and not worth the hassle.

Broccoli is one of those items. I never really believed kasharus agencies about the whole bug thing until I got into professional cooking and was faced with a sink full of little critters that kept coming out of a case of broccoli.

Enter the savior, broccolini or baby broccoli as Trader Joes likes to call it, or broccolette as Costco likes to call it. Whatever you call it, it’s kind of like broccoli but more beautiful and better tasting in my opinion.

Not only is it usually bug free and very easy to check, it works great for plated and buffet events. In fact it’s one of my favorite dishes. I blanch it in a big pot of boiling water, cool it down in an ice bath and then char it with a little roasted garlic oil. Add a little salt and lemon zest and you have a delicious side that can be served hot, cold or room temp. For dairy events I like to add some aged Parmesan and walnut oil.

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